Does it matter if I do pressure washing or power scrubbing for a parkade?

The main difference between pressure washing and power scrubbing is where the water goes. With pressure washing all the dirt, oil and grime that is being lifted out of your parkade floors only has one place to go – down the drain. You’re simply moving the problem from one area of your building to another.

With power scrubbing, the water is sucked up into the reservoir on the machine and doesn’t end up down the drain. You hire us to remove the grime, not just move it. However, there are some parkades that a power scrub isn’t possible and a pressure wash is the only way to get at the grime. We also do pressure washing of vertical surfaces that the power scrubber can’t get to.

How long does a cleaning take?

Cleaning time depends on a few factors:

  • how much dirt there is
  • what condition the surface is in
  • how much area needs to be cleaned
  • the layout
  • traffic/obstacles in the way during cleaning

With that in mind, most cleanings take between 2-5 hours.

What is the difference between pressure washing and power washing?

The two terms are interchangeable. Don’t be concerned about the term “power” or “pressure”, both indicate water that is pushed through high-pressure hoses by a compressor. We use the term pressure washing so it doesn’t get confused with our power scrubbing service. Power scrubbing uses a ride-on machine (imagine a smaller Zamboni-type machine).