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Clean Sweep Manitoba provides cleaning and marking services (line painting) for outdoor parking lots, indoor parkades, garages, and warehouses.

We also offer regularly scheduled maintenance service to take one more thing off your plate.

Obsessed with parking lots

About Clean Sweep

We’re local and we’re passionate about beautiful parking areas and outdoor spaces. You might even call us obsessed with it, but it makes sense when Clean Sweep has been serving the Winnipeg and surrounding area for more than 45 years. If any of us travel to other cities, we always notice if the paint lines are even just a little bit off and how well parking lots are kept.


Indoor parkades cleaned per year


Years of experience


Outdoor Parking lots cleaned per year


KMs of line painting per year

clean parkade

We specialize in underground parkades

Underground parkades have their own needs for specialized cleaning. Improper cleaning of an underground parkade can lead to drainage issues, foul smells and can lead to long-term structural damage of buildings.

line painting

More than just a fresh coat of paint

Traffic markings do more than just brighten up a parking space, some markings such as accessible parking are legally required.

pressure washing

Wide range of applications

With tools for parking lot cleaning, parkade cleaning, large scale sweeping and foot traffic area cleanup, we have the tools needed to tackle all your maintenance needs.

Clean Sweep Manitoba Services helps to protect your investments

Proper maintenance of your parking areas not only makes it look more inviting but also helps to extend the life of your parking areas. Regular maintenance plays a part in avoiding expensive repairs or replacement of your surfaces.

We also offer discounts on regularly scheduled services.

Ask about getting set up on a regular schedule to keep your parking areas properly maintained.

clean parking lot

Parking Lot Cleaning

Sweeping & removal of debris from outdoor parking lots

parking lot lines

Traffic Marking & Line Striping

Markings for vehicle parking, crosswalks, sports courts, warehouse safety lines and any other indoor or outdoor safety markings.

clean parkade

Indoor Parkade Cleaning

Sweeping and scrubbing of indoor or covered parkades

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Clean Sweep Manitoba

We worry about your parking areas so you don’t have to.

Choosing a company that has been serving the Winnipeg and surrounding area for over 45 years gives you confidence in the work being done properly. With experience cleaning parking areas from apartment buildings to offices buildings and garages, you can trust Clean Sweep Manitoba with your maintenance needs.